Volunteer Guidelines


"I love serving!! It is always a blast and I enjoy every minute of the many hours I volunteer. In the words of Elizabeth Andrews, "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." Amie E.


We can't pull of an event of this magnitude without your help! Giving of your time is one of the most valuable contributions one can give and we want to thank you for volunteering with us! As token of our appreciation you are able to shop early! Yes, you will receive a pass to shop our exclusive pre-sale affording you an opportunity to pick from the thousands of items for sale and avoid long checkout lines during the general public sale.  Also, as an additional thank you, all volunteers will have their names entered into our door prize drawings. Consignors who also volunteer can earn up to 75% on their sold items, and shop even earlier!



  • One entry for every 2 hours worked to win door prizes donated by event vendors!
  • If a Consignor, volunteer up to 8 hours to earn 70% and up to 12 hours to earn 75%!
  • Thanks to awesome “Meal Partners,” we provide snacks and water to have during your shift!
  • Shop early at the Volunteer Presale!




HUBBY HELPERS: Oh how we love our “Hubby Helpers!” Do you know a guy that will give of their time, on your behalf, to help set up the sale, tear it down, or help with security during open hours? Then we have a shift for him! Just click to register and choose a Hubby Helper shift or two!


NEWBORN/INFANT CHILDREN: If you have a baby that will comfortably sit in a stroller and/or carrier system (front or back) you are welcome to sign up for the Consignor Drop Off Shifts and/or the Post-Sale Sorting Shifts. There are tasks that can be completed with baby in stroller or carrier system. (We have a private room for you where you can feed baby if required.)


SMALL CHILDREN:If you have small children at home, know that there are several shifts to choose from each season. Perhaps you can trade childcare with a friend.  NOTE: With the exception of the Newborn/Infant and Teen shifts noted, NO child (of any other age) is permitted on property during your shift. No exceptions.


TEENAGERS: If you have a very responsible teenager between the ages of 13-18 years old that would like to volunteer and be given credit for school/civic volunteer hours,  and be given credit towards the drawing in your name, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and include your sale location, complete contact information, their name, age and school. NOTE: Children under age 18 are only permitted to volunteer while a parent or legal guardian is on property. This is a great opportunity to work side by side with your child, for them to earn volunteer credit for school, and for you to get additional entries into the aforementioned drawings! If at any time we deem that your child is not adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by Sale Ownership, doing anything is disrespectful, unlawful, or simply not in practice as to what Sale Ownership deems appropriate your child may be asked to leave their assignment; in turn forfeiting all entries in the aforementioned drawings. All parents will be required to sign a volunteer agreement on behalf of their child at the time of registration (online) and again at the start of their first shift. (Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete required paperwork.)


GRANDPARENTS:If you are a grandparent we have shifts for you too! Imagine a position of your choice, sitting or standing (none are labor intensive), and being able to shop for your grandchildren at amazing discount prices! Not only will you find great deals for items for their house, but for imagine all the little things you can pick up for your own home to keep the little ones entertained!



  • COMFORT IS KEY! Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you may be standing on your feet for most of your shift. We do ask that you not wear tank tops, short shorts, or anything that would be deemed inappropriate on a school or church campus. Let’s be respectful please that we are on a church/school property, and the sale is a business. We will provide each volunteer an apron to wear; pick up at the CHECK IN DESK.
  • SIGN IN AND OUT! A Volunteer Shift binder will be at the CHECK IN DESK for you to sign in and out for your shift. This is mandatory! If you do not sign in AND out you will NOT receive credit for your shift. No exceptions.
  • BE EARLY! Please show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled shift time to sign in and receive your assignment instructions.
  • BREAK ROOM AVAILABLE! There is a Volunteer Break Room that will be stocked with snacks and bottled water. Please keep all F&B in this room, and not abuse the privilege by taking more than you require – we have enough for all 1300 man-hours it takes to pull off the sale week.
  • CELL PHONES WHILE ON THE FLOOR… You may keep the phone in your pocket but we request you do NOT have conversations, phone or text, while on the sales floor. If you need to talk with someone please get coverage for your area and take a quick break. If Sale Ownership finds that you are abusing the option to keep your cell phone on you Sale Ownership may ask you to put it away or remove you from your shift entirely; in which case all volunteer benefits and/or rewards will be forfeited.
  • PURSES/BAGS KEEP AT HOME! If you plan to shop (before or after your shift) bring your payment option and photo ID – leave the rest at home! See Volunteer Waiver for notations on how Sale Ownership, Venue, etc is not responsible. There is NO PLACE to secure your belongings so please leave them at home!
  • SHOPPING DURING SHIFT IS NOT PERMITTED! Should you find an item during your shift you just can’t put down then please get coverage for your area, purchase the item and put the item in your car. At NO TIME are items to be put on HOLD for volunteer, nor are items AT ANY TIME to be purchased and left anywhere on property. Either way until your shift is finished or purchase and place item in your car. No exceptions! Any merchandise that is found being “stashed” will be put back and should volunteer be identified they may or may not be asked to leave their shift and would in turn forfeit all volunteer benefits and/or rewards.


We cannot make this event and expo happen without your help! If for any reason you need to cancel your shift it is your responsibility to fill your position, and to notify us by calling 407-616-1233.If you are unable to find a replacement we will do our best to help you, however, if the shift is not filled you will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee (per shift). Should the cancellation fee be imposed, it will be deducted from your consignment earnings or you will be sent invoice payable 7-days. If you fail to pay the fee you may forfeit any future volunteer and pre-sale opportunities for other events. We do understand that emergencies happen and will do our best to accommodate those as they arise.