Shopper Guidelines


At Cradle to College, we offer shoppers a way to extend their buying dollars. For the newly pregnant mother, maternity clothing and newborn items are abundant. Parents of children, a bit older, can find a huge selection (from newborn through child size 14) of gently used clothing, toys, gear, furnishings, and more at a fraction of the retail costs. When you CONSIGN, SHOP & SAVE at children’s consignment events you are certain to find it is a great way to save for the future…Cradle to College!


When shopping Cradle to College you have the advantage of giving the item you are purchasing a through examination; versus shopping online where you have to trust what the person selling the item is telling you. At Cradle to College we strive to provide you with quality items displayed in a professional, department-like store setting, and all consignors are required to check the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission website to ensure no recalled items are sold.


I hit up 3 consignment sales this weekend, and Cradle to College was by far the best! Clothes weren't outdated (boy clothes are hard to find normally) and there were lots to choose from. Tons of toys, great prices. Cant wait for the next one!" - Kerry, 5 year CTC Shopper 


SHOPPING BAGS: The concept of consignment is an earth-friendly one. Cradle to College does not provide shopping bags at check out. We ask that you please bring reusable totes to carry home your merchandise. Give Back by borrowing our big blue bag to shop and taking your items home in your own reusable tote. Note: We do not provide bags of any kind at check ou, please remember to bring your own.


This was the first CTC sale I had attended, and I was very impressed. Everything was well organized and easy to get to, which is important when shopping with three kids under 5! Thank you so much!" - Erica, Spring 2011 Shopper 

Helpful tips to enhance your shopping experience as you “save for the future…”

  • Bring an oversized shopping bag, or laundry push cart to help carry your items.
  • Forget the purse, but remember the payment option and identification card.
  • Bring a “wish list” that includes your children’s clothing and shoe sizes.
  • Bring a friend with you! It is always more fun to shop with a friend, or two!
  • Leave the kids at home! If you must bring them with you we ask that you please keep your children (of any age) with you at all times, that children do not run through store, play with toys, go under clothing racks or tables, or go to the restroom areas without your supervision. Should a member of the CTC staff find that your child is unsupervised, Cradle to College reserves the right to ask you to leave. At Cradle to College we keep both the safety of your child, and the integrity of the STORE very seriously, and we ask that you do the same.
  • Our volunteers will be more than happy to assist you with carrying your items to your vehicle.
  • All tags with the word “reduce” will be marked down during "Super Savings Saturday!"
  • Restrooms are available, clean and well attended to. Children are NOT permitted to go to the restroom alone.
  • Check out process: Get in line when you are ready to check out and a volunteer will assist you with your items. Do not pull tags off any items. Once your items are scanned, pay the amount due, and head home to enjoy just how much it is that you “saved for the future!”