Exclusive Pre-Sale For New Parents And More


Cradle to College offers an exclusive pre-sale for new/fostering/adopting parents and grandparents (at least one child under 12 months of age)


Space for the pre-sale is limited, and *Registration is required. Once you register you will receive an email confirmation. Please print the confirmation email and bring with you to the sale.


Spread the word to your friends in your childbirth class, obstetrician’s office, parenting class, etc. and invite them to register for the pre-sale as well. Nothing is more fun than shopping and saving for the future with friends!


Please remember, you are welcome to bring a family member or friend to help you shop. Please note that this time is set aside exclusively for those that fall into the aforementioned categories. We ask that your family member or friend refrain from shopping until the store opens to the general public.


Click Here to Register for the Pre-Sale - Clermont


Click Here to Register for the Pre-Sale - Orlando



Click Here to Register for the Pre-Sale - Viera