Safety Guidelines

It is the goal of Cradle to College to offer only the best items at all of our consignment sales events. We do not intend to sell recalled or unsafe items. Our number one goal is the safety and security of our shoppers.  It is the responsibility of our consignors to make sure all of their products offered for sale meet the required safety standards. In light of the alarming number of recent toy and product recalls, we at Cradle to College find it necessary to help parents become better informed about children's product safety. We also expect our consignors to use these lists before consigning any of their items, therefore, insuring none of their items offered for sale have been recalled. 


Every consignor, during online registration, will be required to electronically sign a waiver stating you have researched WE MAKE IT SAFER website and/or the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission website for recalled items and government set standards for any and all items you are consigning.  We have detailed a few items below for your information, and implore you to educate yourself on the safety measures designed to protect our children.



Cradle to College, LLC can only accept the consignment of cribs manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Cribs manufactured from July 23, 2010 to June 28, 2011 may be consigned if the consignor provides a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer or retailer. Cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 will not be accepted under any circumstance. Cribs that are unacceptable, for any reason, cannot be sold as toddler beds. All cribs consigned with Cradle to College, LLC must have a signed Crib Checklist from the consignor. No exceptions. * Click here to view the certificate of compliance requirements. You can also click here to view the new standards.



The CPSC recalled over 4 million Bumbo seats in August 2012, please CLICK here to read all about the recall and how it is unlawful to resell these seats UNLESS you have the repair kit installed.



According to the CPSC, walkers must meet one of two requirements: 1. It must be too wide to fit through a standard doorway (at least 36 inches wide), or 2. It must have features, such as gripping mechanism, to stop the walker at the edge of a step. The gripping mechanism will have rubber-like strips underneath or around the base to grip the floor and stop the walker at the edge of a step. Click here to learn more.



CPSC standard is that bath seats and bath rings must meet the following requirement: 1. Seats and/or bath rings may not attach to the tub floor with suction cups and/or 2. Were made before 2007 (see date code stamp on the bottom of the product). The CPSC considers bath seats and bath rings that do not meet the standard to be a drowning hazard, and Cradle to College will not accept the aforementioned items that do not meet the current (2011) safety standards. Click here to learn more.



In the spring of 2011, the CPSC issued a new federal standard for toddler bed design. To read about the new standards to ensure the safety of your toddler click here.



In accordance with the recommendations by the Federal Trade Commission, Cradle to College requires that all crib and/or toddler mattresses have their original factory label/tag; which details what the mattress is made of. To read more about the FTC recommendations please click here.



In accordance with the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Cradle to College will no longer accept Crib Bumpers for consignment,with or without a matching crib bedding set. CTC will accept "breathable bumpers". To read more about the AAP recommendations please click here.



Only FDA-cleared, hospital-grade pumps should be used by more than one person. With the exception of hospital-grade pumps, the FDA considers breast pumps single-use devices. That means that a breast pump should only be used by one woman because there is no way to guarantee the pump can be cleaned and disinfected between uses by different women. To read the FDA guidelines, that Cradle to College has chosen to enforce, please click here.



Due to numerous changes in car seat resale liability, Cradle to College, LLC no longer accepts car seats for consignment; unless NEW in box. The only exception to this policy is car seats that are pre-arranged for consignment coming from a certified auto dealer or auto rental dealer company. To learn more about this policy please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Safety Links U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Industry Association, Inc. Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Online resource for U.S. Government recalls Safe Kids Worldwide National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Consolidated product safety information List of various toy recall websites The Family Education Network Product Information about which breast pumps are intended to be used by multiple mothers.