Consignor 101


Simple Steps to 65%

"I have been to other consignment sales in the Central Florida area and Cradle to College was by far my favorite! Their venue was well lit, extremely organized, clothing displayed in an orderly fashion and you could navigate through the racks with a stroller with ease. I have not missed this sale yet and have the dates marked down for next years sale already. Not only do I shop the sale I also consign and am super excited about the money earned from this years sale. A great event NOT to be missed!" - Nikki C.


Step 1: Register as a Consignor

Returning Consignors: Click here for Clermont | Click Here for Orlando | Click Here for Cocoa

New Consignors: Click here for Clermont | Click Here for Orlando | Click Here for Cocoa

There is a one-time, per season, consignor registration fee of $10 required to be paid during the registration process (via PayPal). If you do not have PayPal please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and indicate for which sale you want to register. NOTE: When you pay the fee you will be directed BACK to the CTC website or see a button to return to the CTC website to finish your registration process. Upon completion you will get a confirnation email immediately.


Step 2: Choose activity to register for upcoming sale, and choose drop-off appointment


Step 3: Clean out the kid’s clutter!

Choose and Prepare Items: Click here!


Step 4: Enter Inventory and Price Items!

Thanks tour friends at for the “Ultimate Pricing Guide”


Step 5: Print tags and tag items!

Tag Guidelines: Click here!


Step 6: Drop Off your kid’s clutter and let us turn it into cash!

Drop-Off Guidelines: Click here!


Step 7: Pick-Up unsold, non-donated, items

Pick-Up Guidelines: Click here!




What consignors are saying:


"Thank you for hosting this event and making it possible for me and other moms to make some extra income. I hope that the profits from my items will help fund some fun! I also have to admit that the opportunity to buy some items for my two boys at great deals is very appealing, so I hope to also find a few treasures while I am at the event." - Samantha K. 


"As a busy full time working mom, I rarely have time to sort through, sell or donate my son's outgrown clothing, baby toys etc. The Cradle to College Sale came at just the right time for me...and was so simple to just type in the items to your website and print up tags. I feel good that I was able to give back to the community with my donated maternity clothes. We are all in this together and as a community we can provide each other the means to get from Cradle to College for our children and their families!" - Charlotte H.





UNSOLD (NON-DONATED) ITEMS: All items not picked up at designated consignor pick-up time will be donated to a charity chosen by Cradle to College, LLC. CTC will not make reminder phone calls, or send text or email messages, and the pick-up time will not be extended. Neither Cradle to College, LLC nor venue management will store, warehouse or otherwise maintain any items after the designated pick up time. No exceptions.


CONSIGNOR CHECK PICK-UP: All consignors are required to check out with Cradle to College, LLC Management or Owner prior to leaving property to receive earnings payment check. Consignors will be required to deposit said check within 5 business days or check will be voided and consignor will incur a $25 penalty to reissue payment. Should consignor not be present for pick up, meaning a representative is sent to collect unsold items or unsold items are being donated, Cradle to College will mail check the next business day to the address on file in the *consignor database. In such case that the consignor payment is mailed, consignor will have 7 business days to deposit check or check will be voided and consignor will incur a $25 penalty to reissue payment.


*Consignor assumes all responsibility for the Cradle to College, LLC My Sale Manager program containing accurate address and other contact information, including but not limited to email address and phone contact data. Should a check become missing in the mail due to Consignor having incorrect information in the CTC MSM system the consignor assumes all responsibility for delay in payment and potential reissuing fees as stated above.