Why Consign


It’s good for you!

It's good for you because it keeps your house filled with only the things you actually love and use. It simplifies your life and saves you time otherwise spent maintaining unused possessions. Best of all, it turns your cluttered home into cash by earning 65% of your asking price on every item you sell! You also receive a pass to shop our exclusive consignor pre-sale


Recycling is good for your family, and your wallet!

Simple living is good for your family! Why waste time organizing things your children no longer fit into, do not use, or no longer love? Allow Cradle to College to help you recycle your children’s things and afford you more time to spend with the thing you love the most – your family.


Simple living is good for your wallet! Consigning provides a welcome rebate on things that are taking up space in your home. Allowing you an opportunity to save for the future. There is no waiting for your cash when you consign Cradle to College! Your check is ready for pick-up the day the sale closes!


Help protect the environment!

The environment weighs heavy on everyone’s minds today, especially on parents who wonder what kind of future their children will have. Cradle to College has preservation of the environment in mind. We want to make the most of our reusable resources by giving people who might not otherwise have the opportunity the chance to “recycle” clothing, toys, shoes, books, and more that their children once loved. Help protect the environment for our children’s future, and get paid to save for your own.


Help local charitable organizations!

When you register as a consignor, during the process of entering your items in the online management inventory system, consignors have an option to donate any unsold items. Learn more about how consignors, and shoppers, are Giving Back through Cradle to College events.


We are available for questions or concerns via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 407-616-1233.