About Us


While pregnant with our daughter, I found myself shopping at children’s consignment events and could not believe how wonderful the quality of the merchandise was, and what great prices they were listed at. Almost everything we needed was bought at a children’s consignment event. It didn’t take me long to get hooked! Over the next two years I consigned, shopped, and saved at every sale I could find. Then I felt a calling to help parents just like us.


Taking my 20 years of experience in hotel sales and marketing, event planning, and non profit and small business development, I have designed Cradle to College to act as a tool to give back to parents in the community that are looking to find a way to “save for the future” and bless local charities through the “Giving Back” program.


“Cradle to College” was literally born in October of 2009, the same day my husband and I were blessed to become an aunt and uncle for the 19th time! As I held that baby, praying for her future, it occurred to me that we have 22 nieces and nephews from cradle to college. We are a family that knows how to find good deals, and how to “save for today!”


We pray that Cradle to College will bless your family with good deals, and a way to save for today and for the future too.


Giving back. Connecting community. It's what we do.


Melinda Gill
Cradle to College, L.L.C.


Family photography compliments of Olivia Chapman Photography